Bardiclug is W. Scott Snyder, musician, songwriter, guitar player, bass player, mandolin player, gamer, audio engineer, sound designer, programmer, raconteur and man-about-town.  The name “Bardic Lug” is the title of his first commercial album (released in 1998).

with Captains of the Chess Team

with Captains of the Chess Team

Scott has played in many bands during his musical career, some of which were even seen publicly – including:

  • Toadface Mulldoone and the Fandangoes
  • Phil Bondo and the All Garage Band
  • Jaguar – dubbed “The loudest band at the Black Watch Pub”
  • Wooden Nickel
  • The Baldy Mountan Boys
  • The Captains of the Chess Team
  • Chakra Monkey

Currently, Scott provides sound design and related services to the games industry.  To find out more about that, take a look at Dancin’ Mouse Productions – http://www.da-mouse.com

Scott also creates software effects and instruments, under the name CozNFX.  http://www.coznfx.com

You can send emails with love and affection – or requests for CD’s – or random donations of cash – to scott@da-mouse.com